The Case Of The Flying Toenails

Saturday, March 27, 2010
What happens when you tell a lie? You have to lie to cover up the lie, then lie to cover up that lie and it gets bigger and bigger. That's why Bernie has decided that the next time he lies someone should threaten to make him watch Blue's Clues or listen to the Barny theme song for a month if he lies!

#1 - The Case of the Flying Toenails (Secret Agent Dingledorf Series #3) by Bill Myers, Thomas Nelson, 2002
The Case of the Flying Toenails (Secret Agent Dingledorf Series #3) 
Genre: Adventure/Fantasy (What else can you call a disease that sends toenails flying)
Target Audience: Boys 8-13
Subject: The importance of telling the truth!
Summary: Bernie sneaks out of the house and is hanging out with Priscilla when a B.A.D.D. agent accidentally drops out of the tree where she is spying on him. The problem is that she has a contagious disease that affects everyone who's name starts with P. Rather than admit he snuck out and figure out how to stop the disease, Bernie denies knowing anything about it - time and time again! While he tells lies, anyone or anything starting with P starts floating around with toenails flying out attacking those nearby!
Notes: This book is about as crazy as they come! It's almost it's own genre: "Insanely Goofy". It is the 3rd in the Agent Dingledorf series.
Recommendation Scale: For humor of the target audience: 5, for any real depth or spiritual elements: 1
Reviewer: J:-)mi


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