Teen Girl From Mars

Monday, March 1, 2010
Jason Goldtrap is writing books wanting to be published and asked that this book be reviewed here. You can find his books at his website http://www.SarahConradofEagleCreek.com

#1 -Teen Girl From Mars by Jason Goldtrap
Genre: Futuristic Realistic Fiction
Target Audience: Teen Girls
Summary: This is a story about 3 teenage girls and the boys they like. The story is meant to sound old fashioned, but the setting is actually futuristic - people having colonized other planets and asteroids, etc. These girls live on Mars in a settlement where the people choose, like the Amish, to live a simpler life than the outside world. Sarah, Emily, and Lynn are all teenagers with major crushes on the boys in the town. Of course they're all crazy about the best looking one, but after a night at a carnival they settle more into each picking one. Lots of fights over the boys and discussions about them is the primary content.
Notes: There are some good role models in this book - parents who challenge their daughters to do what is right and only pursue boys that have a heart for God and will treat them like ladies.


jasongoldtrap said...

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