If Only Dreams Would Do

Sunday, March 7, 2010
Here's a book my dad picked up for me at a sidewalk sale at a Christian Bookstore once. I've only found 2 books by the author but have enjoyed both of them and re-read them many times through the years!

#1 - If Only Dreams Would Do (Teen Novels) by Maureen Taylor, Augsburg Fortress Pub, 1991
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Target Audience: Primarily girls, somewhat boys, 14-17
Issue: Parent relationships, loss of dreams, physical injury
Summary: Jill was a figure skater. That used to be her identity. An injury to her knee caused the loss of her dreams and her identity. Marc is tired of running. His dad is abusive and when his mom finally got tired of it they started running. Every time his dad finds them, they move again. This time he hasn't even gotten time to start school, let alone finish a school year! And it will be worse than ever this time. His brother is abandoning them to go to college. When Marc and Jillian meet on the ice, something seems to connect and pull them together, but dreams may have to be enough.
Notes: This book takes an interesting look at the effect parent decisions can have on a teenager, particularly in regards to Marc and his brother and the effect their parents' relationship has on them. Marc's brother talks about how unfair it is that no one ever asked him if he was ready to become the man of the house, ready to play, brother, father, husband all in one. Marc fears he will be torn away from a friend before he ever has the chance to develop the relationship. Jillian feels her brother's hatred for her parents spoiling her over him. It does a good job making Marc and Jillian ultimately responsible for their choices though, not their parents.
Recommendation Scale: 3.8
Reviewer: J:-)mi


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