Unsigned Hype

Friday, March 26, 2010
This book makes me think for a moment of a line from the Buttercream Gang song: "Life on the streets has taught you to see the world through different eyes". In Unsigned Hype, we get a picture of life for those living in urban areas of cities, those who may not have much, who live in a different culture than alot of the characters typically featured in novels. Welcome to the Terror Tory.

#1 - Unsigned Hype: A Novel by Booker T. Mattison, Revell, 2009
Unsigned Hype: A Novel
Genre: Realistic
Target Audience: Boys 13-18
Subject: Apologetics, Media choices, Family relationships, High School
Summary: Tory's dreams are coming true. His beats just got selected as the winner on hte Unsigned Hype Demo Contest on Power 97! He wanted to simply hold a few more parties and get a little closer to getting his name out there, but now he's doing beats with Bang Up Black for Mix Master Magic! Popularity ain't always so great though. Girls you never knew before hanging on you like you're best buds, guys getting jealous of you and jumping you outside the library, a mom getting after you for lying, and a girlfriend who wants nothing to do with secular music, along with her dad who is giving you a crash course in apologetics - the hard way!
Notes: Unsigned Hype takes an interesting look at the life of one boy living in an urban neighborhood. He has a passion for music - particularly rap/hip hop. His mother is a believer but he himself has never embraced Christ. His friendship with the girl he likes and her father causes him to think through things and consider it for himself. This book deals with the issues of apologetics, Christian vs. Secular music, relationships with parents, and friendships.
Recommendation Scale: 4.5
Reviewer: J:-)mi


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