Invisible by Kristen Heitzman

Thursday, May 13, 2010
Two couples and a set of sisters, each dealing with brokenness, some dealing with psychological disorders, all trying to cast off the weight cast on them by their families.

#1Invisible by Kristen Heitzman, WaterBrook Press, 2010
Indivisible: A Novel
Target Audience: Adults - women (Today I’m reviewing for Waterbrook publishers in exchange for a free copy of the book– this is not a teen book)
Genre: Realistic fiction
Subjects: Family legacy, the affect parents decisions have on the children who are now adults, still reeling from their parents choices
Summary: Jack and Tia have wanted each other for nearly ten years now, but giving into that desire one time seems to have doomed them to never having each other again. Piper and Miles are feeling the affects of attraction, but Miles can’t shrug off his childhood ordinances to “not touch” and now has Haphophobia. Liz and Lucy are as close as two sisters can possibly be. Only a few get chances to be as close as they are. That bond is weakening, Lucy is slipping away and Liz is desperate to hold on to her. Will any of them find their heart’s desire?
Notes: Much like Kristen Heitzman’s last book, a couple once loved one another, broke apart and are now so close and so far away from coming together at the same time. In the midst of their fragile attempts at a relationship, someone with psychological problems is near, threatening destruction. Exploring psychological problems in a secondary character from the perspective of a main character is a common theme of this author’s – as seen in The Edge of Recall, Echoes, Unforgotten, A Rush of Wings, and the Diamond of the Rockies series. This book, like her others, is extremely intense. It has beautiful moments, and horrible moments. Also beware, the ending for one of the characters just sort of drops off. There’s no conclusion or resolution. There’s one phrase hinting at something, but that’s it. As usual, this author wrote a very high quality story, it’s just extremely dark in some aspects. One highlight is a character learning about prayer – it’s almost childlike in it’s sincerity – very neat!
Also, an additional note is that the publishers are releasing an interview with the author about the book. You can hear it here:  
Recommendation Scale: 4
Reviewer: J:-)mi


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