Double Danger

Tuesday, May 25, 2010
What is the cause of violence in the schools? And what is the solution? Live from Brentwood High is determined to do what they can to find out.

Book: Double Danger by Judy Baer, Bethany House Publishers, 1994

Genre: Realistic
Target Audience: Boys and Girls are main characters, but girls might find it more appealing than guys.
Subjects: Violence, crime, Morals
Summary: A student has been killed, murdered, right here in their own school. What caused this? Why are things so severe? And what is the solution? Forbid guns? Raise taxes on guns? Stop kids from playing video games? Metal detectors at school? Forbid students to wear coasts or backpacks that may conceal a weapon? The kids from the Live team aren’t sure what the solution is, but whatever it is, they want to find it.
Notes: This book takes an interesting look at violence.  It was published in 1994. 16 years later things are even more out of control than they were back then. The students on the tv team come up with some interesting insights into what might cause some of the violence and what some potential solutions might be. Sadly, for a Christian book, it leaves out the best answer of all: Christ in your life, empowering you to live in a way that shows love rather than violence. It is a good eye-opener to teens though. I recommend it for a starting point, but there’s a lot more than what this one covers.
Recommendation Scale: 3.5
Reviewer: J:-)mi


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