The Angel And The Sword

Wednesday, May 5, 2010
At the start of the day, it's quite ordinary, by the end Raphael has been robbed, stopped an assassin, gotten accused of being the assassin, thrown in jail, and denied by the one who knows the truth. What will tomorrow bring? Answers perhaps?

#1 - The Angel And The Sword by Signmund Brouwer, Harvest House Publishers, 2005
The Angel and the Sword: A Supernatural Adventure (The Guardian Angel) 
Genre: Historical Fiction/Adventure
Target Audience: Boys and Girls 12-20
Subject: Trust in God, pursuit of knowledge, trust in friends
Summary: Raphael's life as a court jester gets interrupted one morning and he wakes to find his clothes missing, leaving him nothing but his jester costume to wear. Then he finds an assassin on the roof who willingly hands over his weapon when confronted, then disappears leaving the weapon with Raphael. The next thing he knows he's been thrown into jail, denied by a beautiful girl, secretly set free from prison, then pursued again, and almost killed a time or two before his quest to know the truth behind these strange events is completed.
Notes: This book was originally called The Jester's Quest, as book 7 of the Winds of Light series. It is now edited to include modern day commentary from an angel. Every few chapters the angel who is watching over Raphael interrupts the story to share insight into Raphael, the Heavenly Father, or angels. It turns into non-fiction a bit as the angel attempts to instruct or advise readers on various issues.
In some ways, this one is just like all the other books in the Winds of Light series - a young boy knows nothing of the ways of God or of the battles surrounding him, then a beautiful young girl enters the picture telling him to trust her, but multiple times does things to prove he can not trust her. He beings to fall in love with her and desire to know the God she speaks of. As always with this series, it is a lesson in trust - learning to trust in God and figuring out who to trust amongst those around you - who is the bad guy and who is the good guy. 
Recommendation Scale: 4.5
Reviewer: J:-)mi


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