Freedom Run

Friday, June 17, 2011

“I’m afraid you're right, Eveline,” he said. “We can’t go anywhere tonight.” I looked and Uncle Andrew bug-eyed. “But Clarence is going to—“ “My daddy? You’ve seen my daddy?” “Yes Eveline. He’s well. But we have a problem. Your father is going to try to run away tonight—and we won’t be with him!”

Book: Freedom Run by Paul McCusker, Focus On The Family Publishing, 1996
Freedom Run (Adventures in Odyssey Fiction Series #10) 
Genre: Historical Fiction
Target Audience: Boys 10-14
Subjects: Slavery, Love for others
Summary: They’re going back! Even knowing that Matt has been sold as a slave, Matt and Jack get into the imagination station and go back. Matt promised Eveline he would help her and her father escape and so they return to the adventure. Jack is with Reverend Andrew posing as a bird watcher visiting the plantations that Matt, Eveline and her father, Clarence, are on. Jack and Reverend Andrew make plans for the escape, but when Matt gets severely whipped they find themselves in quite a dilemma. The longer they stay, the better chance there is of failure!
Notes: This book is one of the Adventures in Odyssey series. This book, the 10th in the series, is a sequel to a story started in #9. Two young boys take a trip in the Imagination Station when they’re not supposed to and Mr. Whittaker stops them. But due to the events in the adventure they beg to go back and finish it. This particular story deals with the issue of slavery. Two white people have to risk their lives to help the slaves escape. Then at the end of the story, the town of Odyssey has to make a choice about how far to go in opposition to slavery – whether or not to disobey the laws or not.
Recommendation Scale: 5/5
Reviewer: J:-)mi

Galatians 3:28 –There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.


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