Summer Promise

Saturday, November 16, 2013
This book contains a review by me and a review by Sophia

Book: Summer Promise: Book 1 in the Christy Miller Series by Robin Jones Gunn, Focus on the Family Publishing, 1988
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Target Audience: Girls 13+
Summary: Meet Christy Miller, a young girl with a summer full of promise ahead of her. She'll be staying with a wealthy aunt & uncle. Her aunt desires to see that Christy gets the best of everything: new clothes, new hair style, friends, anything she wants. What what does she want? Can her new friends help her figure that out? There's the boy with the screaming silver-blue eyes, there's the beautiful girl who seems so experienced with guys, there's the surfer only too ready to accept what girls offer, there's the quieter girl who seems interested in the same guy as Christy. Who does she listen to? And where does God fit into all of this?
Notes: Summer Promise is the first of a whole bunch of books connected to Christy. It begins with the 12 book Christy Miller series. Then Robin Jones Gunn wrote a series about a friend of Christy's. There's there's the 3 book college years series about Christy, then the 4 book college years series about another of her friends. Even her Glenbrooke series is based off of characters and places connected to Christy. Christy's story isn't rushed, Robin Jones Gunn takes her through the years facing everything from friendships to boyfriends, to college choices, to career decisions. I highly recommend it. Also note that the most recent release of the series combines books into a few volumes. Due to this, they can still be found on the shelves of the bookstores despite the age of the original publications. 
Spiritual Content Recommendation Scale: 5/5
Reviewer: J:-)mi

“”I hate you! I hate you!” Christy Miller shouted at her reflection in the closet-door mirror. With

a wild grrrr she wadded up her beach towel and heaved it at the mirror, watching it wobble and

distort her lanky proportions. “Christy darling?” came a shrill voice from the hallway. “Are you

back from the beach so soon?” “Yes, Aunt Marti.” Christy grabbed a brush and pretended to be

untangling her long, nutmeg-brown hair.

Summer Promise, Robin Jones Gunn. Multnomah books, 1988
Genres: realistic, romance
Target Audience: 15 and under
Issues: going to church each week doesn’t make you a Christian, dating relationships, drugs.

Summary: Christy, a farm girl from Wisconsin, is spending the summer with her rich uncle and aunt in

California. The first big change comes with her new makeover, haircut, and stylish clothes. Then

she falls in love with a surfer on the beach. But does he like her back? Soon things are way out

of control and Christy constantly feels depressed. Her friends tell her she should ask Jesus into

her heart, but is she ready for that? And besides, she has gone to church all her life anyway…

This is the first in the Christy Miller series. Christy accepts Christ only at the end of the book.

Before that the book throws in ideas about Christ only from time to time. However, after she

asks Him into her heart, it talks more about God. Probably, the next books will be more on track

spiritually than this one.


Sophia Marie

 “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Romans 3:23

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