Ryun's Story

Tuesday, November 26, 2013
Book: Degrees of Betrayal: Ryun's Story by Jeff Nesbit, areUthirsty (Tyndale House Publishers), 2004

Genre: Realistic Fiction
Target Audience: Boys and Girls 16+
Subjects: Betrayal, Dating relationships, under-age drinking and smoking, Multiculturalism
Summary: "Ryun, I don't think there's anyone - or anything - that's out of your reach on this planet. Not one single thing. But that's almost a curse for you instead of a blessing." Those words from Ryun's soccer coach proved to be true in ways Ryun would never have imagined. He knows what he wants and he goes after it. He knows he's invincible. Nothing can stop him. But his willingness to betray his girlfriend, his family, anyone does have consequences. Does that mean that the car accident Sierra was in is all Ryun's fault? Read Degrees of Betray: Ryun's Story to find out.

Notes: Ryun's story is part 2 of the Degrees of the Betrayal series. "Betray comes naturally - where you stand will determine who's to blame, but there's always more than one side to the story". And so Degrees of Betrayal examines the same story from 3 perspectives: Sierra's, Ryun's and Kenzie's.
Recommendation Scale: 4.5
Reviewer: J:-)mi


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