Be Strong And Curvaceous

Sunday, April 18, 2010
A new roommate at Spencer Academy, her boarding school. Good looking guys. Crushes. A fashion show. Money problems. Lies and disguises. Tough teachers. And a stalker.
Carly is in for an adventure!

#1 - Be Strong And Curvaceous by Shelley Adina, FaithWords, 2009
 Be Strong & Curvaceous (All About Us Series, Book 3)
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Target Audience: Girls 15-19
Subject: Salvation, love for others, friendships, dating relationships, parents
Summary: Carly returns to school to find she has been assigned a roommate, and not just any roommate, but a spoiled rich one who is used to getting whatever she wants. Carly is ready to completely give up on having a friendship with her when she turns to Carly for help in dealing with some threatening e-mails she is receiving. Carly is also trying to figure out how to manage holding down a job without telling her friends how poor she really is compared to them. Things get intense when the stalker writes hints of bombings and Carly is right in the middle of it all!
Notes: Early on in this book Carly becomes a Christian. Then throughout the rest of the story she views the world and her decisions through that choice, whether that be the things she says, the places she goes or the things she does. This book is 3rd in the All About Us series.
Recommendation Scale: 4.5
Reviewer: J:-)mi


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