The Angel And The Ring

Sunday, April 18, 2010
Historical fiction with a modern day commentary from an angel
A Supernatural Adventure

#1 - The Angel And The Ring Previously Dance of Darkness by Sigmund Brouwer, Harvest House Publishers, 2005
 The Angel and the Ring: A Supernatural Adventure (The Guardian Angel)  Dance of Darkness (Winds of Light #8)
Genre: Historical Fiction
Target Audience: Boys 12-15
Subject: Salvation, trust in God and trust in others
Summary: Brin is born and raised as a gypsy. Then when pickpocketing the crowd a stranger appears and demands knowledge of the ring he has carried of his parents all his life. Soon Brin is on a journey that risks not only his life, but his soul!
Notes: This was a very good book - originally! This book was originally called Dance of Darkness, as book 8 of the Winds of Light series. It is now edited to include modern day commentary from an angel. Every few chapters, the angel who is watching over Brin interrupts the story to share insight into Brin, the Heavenly Father and angels. It turns into non-fiction a bit as the angels attempts to instruct or advise readers on issues of relationships, money, or trust in God.
Recommendation Scale: Original: 4, This version: 3
Reviewer: J:-)mi


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