Eat My Martian Dust & Don't Count On Homecoming Queen

Wednesday, December 16, 2009
Today's books come from two different genres: one sci-fi and one realistic fiction.

#1 - Eat My Martian Dust by Michael Carroll and Robert Elmer, Baker Books, 2005
Eat My Martian Dust: Finding God Among Aliens, Droids, And Mega Moons
Genre: Science Fiction
Target Audience: Boys 13+
Summary: Up first on today's list is Eat My Martian Dust by... well by alot of authors! Michael Carroll & Robert Elmer compiled a bunch of space stories from various authors and put them in one volume. The description on the back is very good so I'm just gonna give you that:
"Fasten your seat belt! You're going beyond Earth's gravity to places out of htis world! Get ready to rappel down a Martian cliff twice as deep as Earth's Grand Canyon, stop interplanetary pirates from raiding the spaceport on one of Jupiter's moons, risk everything to supply water to the people on Mars, and along the way, experience God through the farthest reaches of this universe!"
Here's the list of authors: Sigmund Brouwer, Kathy Tyers, Marianne Dyson, Randall Ingermanson, Shane Johnson, Jim Denney, Robert Elmer, John B. Olson.
Notes: Eat My Martian Dust has some really good stories in it and some not quite as good, just what you'd expect with any compilation.

#2 - Don't Count On Homecoming Queen by Nancy Rue, Waterbrook Press, 1998

Don't Count on Homecoming Queen (Raise the Flag)
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Target Audience: Girls 15+
Summary: What do you do if you're a Christian, but also a really popular and well-liked kid at school and you discover something about someone else really popular that could hurt someone if you don't tell the truth but will hurt you if you do? This is what Tobey is about to find out, along with the other five girls who are willing to take a stand at the flag pole on the morning of See You At The Pole.
Notes: This is the first in the six book series; Raise The Flag. In this book Tobey and five others show up for See You At The Pole and begin to form a friendship and prayer group. Also take note that this book covers the issue of sexual abuse in a sensitive, but still realistic and therefore, disgusting manner as would any author bold enough to present an accurate picture of what teens would face in this kind of situation. I highly recommend this book as well as the others in this series.


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