School's Out! Rachel Yoder - Always Trouble Somewhere

Tuesday, December 29, 2009
At the Church library back in my parent's town I picked up a children's Amish fiction book. These have lately become so popular with the adults that Christian Book Distributors has labeled it as it's own genre on their website. And rightfully so as more and more authors are trying their hand at it.

#1 - School's Out! by Wanda Brunstetter, Barbour Publishing, 2007
School's Out (Always Trouble Somewhere Series, Book 1) 
Genre: Amish Fiction
Target Audience: Girls 11-13
Subject: Relationships with parents and siblings
Summary: Rachel is a young Amish girl in the midst of summer. She dreams of things that move fast like skateboards and the forbidden automobiles. She is tomboy all the way - climbing trees, frog racing, wading in the creek and playing with the animals. She has to learn how to say "no" to some of her ideas though for the sake of obeying parents. In general, moms aren't going to be pleased if you try skateboarding in the house or letting frogs loose in Church.
Notes: This book is written for the purpose of portraying life amongst the Amish people. It is written in English, but adds a few Amish words in here and there to try to feel more Amish. The book simply feels forced. It's as if the author is trying too hard to make it Amish or to communicate that Rachel gets into trouble. The story doesn't build on itself as much as it could. Most of it is just multiple events in a chapter. It has a neat ending with Rachel making peace with the brother she has been at war with all through the book though.
Recommendation Scale: 2


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