Magnus and Outriders

Friday, December 4, 2009
Today's two books are written 10 years apart.
They're both Christian Fiction for teens though and they're both amazingly well written!

#1 - Magnus, by Sigmund Brouwer, Victor Book 1995
Genre: Historical/Adventure
Target Audience: Probably targeted at boys but great for girls too, I would say anywhere from 13 and up for the age range.
Subject: Trust, trust in God, trust in each other, how to determine who to trust
Summary: 1312 in England a young boy takes the first step towards conquering a kingdom promised him by his nanny as he grew up. Aided by secret books filled with wisdom and tricks, Thomas starts out for Magnus and must decide who to trust: the knight, the mute girl who is so beautiful, the scarred girl hiding behind the veils, the old man, the man in the candle shop, the God that some claim can aid him on his quest?
Notes: This book was originally published as the Winds of Light series in 1992. It is an 8 book series that contains 2 books not covered in Magnus. Magnus was also printed as Wings of Dawn. The last two in the Winds of Light series have now been reprinted and modified to be the Guardian Angels series in 2005. No matter what version of the story you seek out, you will find a ton of adventure awaiting you. Thomas asks good questions and through his quest for truth, we learn alot about trust in God. The adventure and mysteries and secrets will delight a teen and the lessons in trust willl delight the adult in their/your lives.

#2 - Outriders by Kathryn Mackel, Thomas Nelson Publishing, 2005.
Outriders (The Birthright Project, Book 1) 
Genre: A mix between fantasy and sci-fi
Target Audience: Boys and girls 14 and up
Subject: Faith in God and following His decrees in a genetically messed up world
Summary: Years ago wars and terrors covered the earth. After this, those who survived came and attacked knowledge and those who held it, those who were responsible for the destruction. God preserved a few and called them to take their knowledge to a distant land, where they joined together, built and ark and went into it and sunk it, living and preserving God's original creation. Sadly, genetics was one thing that did survive the attack on knowledge and very little is left not mutated. Then came the call for those in the ark to send their children back out into the world to reach the fallen world. This is where the story is at now. Teens come forth out of the ark and attempt to protect their birthright, God's creation, what's left of it that hasn't been destroyed. They must battle the enemies and risk their lives. They must learn to rely on God rather than their own ideas or desires.
Notes: This book is fantasy, but it is futuristic like science fiction. Yet it is the opposite of science fiction, most of technology has been destroyed. Yet there is the science of genetics and it's effect on the world. So call it what you like, no matter what the chosen genre, this book challenges us to put our faith in God in a deep way, to cling to it no matter what goes on, no matter how strong the enemy is.

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