My Life As Dinosaur Dental Floss

Sunday, November 8, 2015
“You should probably call the police,” Wall Street offered.
“But they think I’m the terrorist!” I argued. “I’m the one they talked to on the phone. I’m the one on the videotape. I’m the one with this nuclear gunk.”
We all paused to look at the canister of reddish-pink goo in my hand. Who could have believed that one little jar could cause all this trouble?” Then again, maybe it wasn’t one little jar that had caused the trouble; maybe it was one little lie.

Genre: Adventure, Comedy
Target Audience: Boys 11-15
Subjects: Truth
Summary: How much trouble can one little lie cause? It’s just for amusement, right? Wally, Opera and Wall-Street have figured out that telling small lies makes life more entertaining and easier. It all starts with a lie that gets Wally into a closed exhibit at the museum. The usual Wally McDoogle clumsiness results in Wally getting his hands on a sack that leads to the SWAT team, president, and newspaper reporter chasing after him! After numerous accidents that cause Wally to get hurt over and over, he concludes that maybe a lie isn’t such a great idea after all.
Notes: The Wally McDoogle series focuses on a twelve year old boy that is impressively clumsy. He calls himself a “dork-oid”, someone he describes like this: “While everyone else is wearing hot new fashions, we’re sporting frozen-oldie hand-me-downs. While everyone else has these terrific put downs, we usually say something stupid or, worse yet, polite.” Whenever an opportunity for adventure comes up, Wally finds a way to accidentally get himself into trouble. In the process he learns some lesson from the Bible.
In My Life As Dinosaur Dental Floss, Wally discovers just how serious of consequences can come from telling lies.
Spiritual Content Recommendation Scale: 4/5
Reviewer: J:-)mi

Proverbs 13:3 - He who guards his lips guards his life, but he who speaks rashly will come to ruin.


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