Sadie Rose and the Dangerous Search

Thursday, January 8, 2015
Her heart sinking, Cloris took the paper and read it. It did indeed say she’d stay in service to Prescott Vines until she turned thirty. “I didn’t sign this – I know I didn’t,” she said in a dead voice. “This is not legal!”
“My dear niece, it’s your word against mine. Naturally, everyone would believe me. You may go now. And don’t try to run away or I’ll have you locked away in a mental home – the very one we’ve visited to try to improve conditions.”
Cloris turned and walked away as though she was in a daze.

Book: Sadie Rose and the Dangerous Search (Sadie Rose Adventure by Hilda Stahl, Crossway Books, 1993

Genre: Historical Fiction
Target Audience: Girls 10-14
Subjects: Romance, Love, Crime, Trust in God, Slavery
Summary: Enslaved until she’s thirty years old. Call it what you want, but being locked in her room every night, being forced to work for someone for no pay, being threatened and insulted all the time – all this adds up to slavery. And this is the life Cloris is stuck in. Sadie can’t believe the story she is hearing as Cloris tells of her life and what led her to this area! But as Cloris goes on, Sadie learns of the danger Cloris is running from – the danger that is right over the next hill! Of course the trouble over the next hill isn’t the only danger. The blinding snowstorm they are out in is also a problem. And being separated from Riley and her stepdad in this storm is also a problem. Cloris’ problems can probably be solved – if they can ever get out of here alive!
Notes: The Dangerous Search is the tenth of the Sadie Rose Adventures. This series tells of a twelve year old girl’s first year living in the Nebraska sandhills during the pioneer days. Sadie has a knack for getting into danger. The series focuses a lot on family relationships as Sadie lives with her mother, stepdad, older sister, older brother, younger sister and younger brother. It also focuses a lot on the hopes and dreams of marriage for the young girls. The culture was for girls to marry quite young so the characters, especially Sadie’s older sister focus heavily on trying to find a good husband. There is also a strong thread of forgiveness and the importance of telling the truth running through the series.
In this tenth book, the main character now shifts to a new character whose life intersects with Sadie Rose and the rest of the York family. Cloris’ story is a lesson in trusting God in the midst of horrid circumstances. On the run, sometimes for her very life, Cloris keeps turning to God, first asking for strength to survive the difficult circumstance she is in, then when opportunity for escape comes, she asks for help to get away safely.  She also recognizes and acknowledges God when He does rescue her each time.
Spiritual Content Recommendation Scale: 5/5
Reviewer: J:-)mi

Psalm 119:146 – I call out to you; save me and I will keep your statutes.


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