The Squire and the King

Sunday, September 7, 2014

The knight’s eyes shone brightly as he surveyed his attentive audience. “Three squires is quite an achievement for any town, but it is particularly so for a village the size of Melas. So, I would not err by saying that four squires would constitute a very great achievement indeed. Garrett Scott, please come forward!” Garrett stood rooted to the spot, not sure if he’d heard right or if his fantasy had taken a bizarre turn.

Book:The Squire and the King, Book of Squires Series #1 by Randall R. Adams, OakTara Publishers, 2009
900899: The Squire and the King, Book of Squires Series #1
Genre: Allegory
Target Audience: Boys 10+
Subjects: Salvation, Truth, Trust in God
Summary: He knew life was hard in Highland’s Gate. He knew the people there were bullies, but he had no idea how far from the truth they were! Moving to Melas where everyone knows of the King and His Book of Squires is a complete turn around for Garrett! New friends in school tell him of the truth and excitedly share that soon, the King will be sending out Knights to bring chosen children to come train as squires. Garrett knows his friends have a good chance of getting chosen. He just wishes he did too. But being new to the knowledge and service of the King disqualifies him and he knows it. At least he thinks he does – until that moment the knight reads his name from the list of the chosen! Soon Garrett is working hard and training with the other squires, but life isn’t going to remain this way forever. All the training builds up to a test, in fact all the training is a test – a test to see which squires are truly worthy of being in the King’s service. And an even bigger test is coming to Garrett in particular, one that will cause him to question all he knows and believes about himself.
Notes: This is the first in the Book of Squires series, a series about a young boy trying to follow the King when all threatens his faith and his very life. It is mostly written as if it were taking place during medieval times but contains the allegorical elements of an all-powerful King, enemies who wish him dead, a book of ultimate authority and people who serve or reject the King. The chosen children undergo squire training that teaches lessons such as teamwork, trust in the King, faithfulness, and commitment to family and friends as well as how to use their weapons and other physical skills. In this first book Garrett learns the basics of who the King is and what it means to follow Him.
Spiritual Content Recommendation Scale: 5/5
Reviewer: J:-)mi

Psalm 9:10 – Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you.


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