I Only Binge On Holy Hungers

Tuesday, October 11, 2011
Why isn’t God answering any of my prayers then? I was thinking. It took me all about two seconds to figure that one out. Because you messed up so bad, I answered myself. You can’t go around swiping stuff and then expect God to come to your rescue.

Book: I Only Binge on Holy Hungers (Raise the Flag) by Nancy Rue, Waterbrook Press, 1998

Genre: Realistic Fiction
Target Audience: Girls 13-19
Subjects: Stealing, Foster Care, Relationships with family, friendship, prayer
Summary: It’s Brianna’s birthday! Cheyenne wants so bad to be able to give her a gift, something special, something that shows how much she appreciates the girls lettings her be a part of their prayer group and being her friend. But she has no money. So she makes a choice, an impulsive choice, and one that she deeply regrets but doesn’t know how to undo. She steals some beads to make jewelry for Brianna. But that’s just the start of the problems! One thing leads to another and soon she’s in so deep, she sees no hope for ever getting out. To make things worse, her alcoholic birth mom is contacting her asking to see her again just when she’s gotten settled in a foster family where she is truly loved and cared about.
Notes: This is the 3rd in the six book series; Raise The Flag. In the first book six girls show up for See You At The Pole and begin to form a friendship and prayer group. In this book, Cheyenne learns about hungering for God. She had drawn away, assuming He didn’t want her because of her mistakes. She recognizes His great love for her and desire to have her draw near with her problems. I highly recommend this book as well as the others in this series.

Matthew 5:6 – Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.


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