The Masquerade

Wednesday, December 29, 2010
I felt like an alien. I didn’t speak their language and it seemed like when I wasn’t fighting with them I was in isolation zone. I couldn’t stop it. I Told myself I didn’t care, but my heart ached. I felt so alone.

Book: The Masquerade by Sarah Anne Sumpoke, Moody Publishers, 2003
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Target Audience: Girls 13-19
Subjects: Death of a loved one, family relationships, dating relationships, peer pressure
Summary: Beka’s mom died less than a year ago and things aren’t getting better, but worse. She’s got a secret she’s carried for years that was tearing her apart anyway, but now with her mom’s death she just can’t handle it anymore – anything. She’s angry, crying and screaming at the ones she loves the most, but can not find any way to stop it. Things she never even considered doing before, she suddenly can’t find any reason to say no to. She’s on a course for disaster unless God intervenes and gets a hold of her heart.
Notes: This is a very sad story. Beka’s pain is so strong, so real, that it almost hurts to read the book. Beka is not a Christian, but rather is fighting against it. At the end of the story a very strong Gospel message is presented. I recommend this book for those struggling with doubts about their faith because of the ending. The majority of the book is almost hard to read as you watch Beka suffer and sink deeper and deeper into depression, but the ending is full of hope.
Recommendation Scale: 4/5
Reviewer: J:-)mi

Hebrews 11:1 - Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.


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