The Heart Reader Of Franklin High

Monday, August 2, 2010
"Why would anyone want to keep that to themselves? I mean, when I see a good movie, I tell everybody I know because I want them to see it too. Why wouldn’t I want to tell them about Jesus?"

Book: The Heart Reader of Franklin High by Anonymous, Alive Communications, Word Publishing, Thomas Nelson, 2000
The Heart Reader of Franklin High
Genre: Realistic/Supernatural Fiction
Target Audience: Boys and Girls 13-18
Subjects: Sharing your faith
Summary: Why indeed would anyone want to keep good news to themselves? Yet, that’s exactly what Jake and his friends do. They know the good news, but are more concerned with fitting in and being cool than in sharing that good news with others. Until one day Jake wakes up with the ability to hear people’s hearts, their spiritual cries. With strong direction and encouragement from his youth pastor he begins to take what he knows and share it with others. The more people respond to the truth of the Gospel the more passionate Jake gets and the more contagious his excitement becomes. Soon many in Franklin High are stepping out and sharing the good news. But this gift doesn’t last forever and Jake has no idea what to do without it.
Notes: This book is one of those that really makes you think. It’s not the most high quality book in the world, and the youth pastor is almost irritating with his willingness to take advantage of Jake’s gift. But it’s true. We do have good news and most often keep it to ourselves. Yet the Holy Spirit is there, wanting to guide us into sharing our faith boldly with those around us, just waiting for a willing heart. I highly recommend this book.
Recommendation Scale: 5
Reviewer: J:-)mi
Acts 1:8 - But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you and you will be My witnesses.


Unknown said...

wow i have read the book and it inspires me to go and do the same !!!!!! i love this book i want others to just read and i promise you will LOVE IT. I thought i would hate the book but i dont

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