Safe In Jesus Arms

Monday, January 25, 2010
Well, soon I will have a new link for you. The blog will move to my website, sort of. It will still be here, but it will be framed in my own site along with the database. In the meantime, keep checking this link to find good reviews. A few publishing companies are sending me some new books to review so you'll have some more brand new books soon.

Today's book is a really old one, but one unlike anything else I've read. You might just find it interesting, especially if you're into missions.

#1 - Safe In Jesus Arms by Aud
Saeveraas, Ausburg Fortress, 1989
Genre: Realistic/Multicultural
Target Audience: Boys and Girls 14 and up - adults will enjoy this just as much as teens
In a small village in Ethiopia, Selamnesh is part of a family and a culture focused on appeasing spirits. A religion steeped in fear and terror, it isn’t hard to believe they have angered the spirits when a plague sweeps through the village, killing most everyone, including Selamnesh’s parents and five of her six siblings. Then comes great-aunt from far away. She takes Selamnesh and Gennet away with her. There they learn about the big God who made the world and didn’t abandon it, but loves and cares for it. Selamnesh and Gennet soon learn about and come to know and have a relationship with the big God who loves them. Soon Selamnesh has a chance to share that love with others.
This is based entirely on the true story of a young girl in a mission school in Ethiopia. It’s a unique look at what life is like for young children in such cultures.
Recommendation Scale: 5
Reviewer: J:-)mi


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