The Creeping Shadows

Thursday, February 12, 2015
Shadows, thought Kate as she glimpsed the pain in her brother’s eyes. Anders accusing Stretch for something he didn’t do. “I was wrong,” said Anders, his voice low and ashamed. Watching him, Kate wondered about something. Have I done the same thing with Maybelle? From the moment I met Maybelle I didn’t trust her. Was that wrong? Or am I uneasy for a reason?

Book: The Creeping Shadows (Adventures of the Northwoods, Book 3) by Lois Walfrid Johnson, Bethany House Publishers, 1990

Genre: Historical Fiction
Target Audience: Girls 11-15
Subjects: Friendship, Forgiveness, Fear, Truth, Trust in God
Summary: Trusting the wrong person can get you into a pretty big mess. That’s what is happening to Kate’s friend’s family. Her dad trusted someone who cheated them and now they will be losing their home if something doesn’t change soon. They just can’t afford to feed all their nine children and pay their rent. Thankfully, just in time, a family heirloom is sent to them but before they can take it to the city to sell it, it disappears. Other things start disappearing too. The first thought on everyone’s mind is that it’s obviously the same thief who was stealing their food. But Kate and her friend are not convinced. They’re convinced he was being honest when he promised to change. Soon Kate herself finds out how it feels to be falsely accused when Anders is convinced she is the one messing with his horse. The troublemaker must be caught soon or not only will Katie’s friend be homeless, but relationships will be broken from false accusations.
Notes: The Creeping Shadows is the third in the Adventures In The Northwoods series. The series focuses on a young girl right at the beginning of her teen years as she adjusts to life in a very different kind of home and to a new family. The story covers about a year and a half of her life. The main character, Kate has a strong sense of curiosity and stubbornness so whenever she finds something odd she determines to find out what is going on. Sometimes the mysteries find her, sometimes she seeks them out. Through the series she transitions from someone who has only heard but not accepted a relationship with God to a girl learning to put her trust in God and look to Him for wisdom and direction.
In this third book, Kate is really coming to value this new family she has. So the false accusations hurt. She’s also letting fear control her again. She fears losing her Mama’s love due to the coming of a new baby and her Mama confiding more in Anders than her. She fears her friend losing her home. She fears the wolves she hears howling at night. With Papa being gone at the logging camp, it’s even worse. A letter comes from him with a verse in it that brings comfort and peace to her Mama but it’s not until later that Kate lets its promises sink into her and she casts her cares upon God.
Spiritual Content Recommendation Scale: 5/5
Reviewer: J:-)mi

1 Peter 5:7 - Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.


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