A Little Help From My Friends

Thursday, May 6, 2010
Steady boyfriend, the guy next door vs. Undependable, but exciting new guy in school

#1 - A Little Help From My Friends by Anne Dayton and May Vanderbilt, FaithWords, 2009
Miracle Girls #3: A Little Help from My Friends: A Miracle Girls Novel
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Target Audience: Girls 14-18
Subject: Divorce, dating relationships, friendships
Summary: Zoe has always just sort of disappeared into the background, but now that she's developed a big more physically, she's catching the eye of the new boy in school. At home her parents are splitting up and her older brother is returning home. Zoe is having a really difficult time, but her friends seem to busy to help her out. How can she make the right decision about a boyfriend? And how can she convince her parents to give their marriage another chance?
Notes: This book is pretty much standard teen girl drama. Zoe doesn't want to hurt her current boyfriend's feelings, but she's developing feelings for the new boy and losing interest in her current one. However, the new boy is leading her on, then right as he gets ready to kiss her, he says he's still dating the other girl at school. Drama, drama, drama! It's well written though. It has another neat thread running through it though - a favorite teacher has been fired for supposedly hurting a student but the girls know it isn't true. When someone on the inside shares the secret about it, the girls rally around this person and support her as she stands up to those in the wrong. Zoe realizes that maybe the Miracle Girls isn't just the four of them, but maybe it is whoever God brings into their path. 
Recommendation Scale: 2.8
Reviewer: J:-)mi

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