Crystal’s Solid Gold Discovery

Sunday, November 13, 2011

 Caleb reared on his hind legs and Crystal threw her hands around his neck to hold on. It was then she saw the gun Devenport held. She went into hysterics. “No! Not Caleb! Don’t shoot Caleb!”

Book: Crystal’s Solid Gold Discovery, Chariot Books, 1986
Genre: Western
Target Audience: Girls 12-15
Subjects: Crushes, Identity, witnessing
Summary: One week is all Crystal has left in Idaho. Before she goes home, she wants to make significant progress on her riding skills and relationship with Shawn. A few things start messing up her plans: primarily a criminal with a plan to trick local businessmen into “investing” in what turns out to be fake gold. Crystal is getting into a habit of being in the midst of dangerous action and once more, she and her horse find themselves in a life-threatening situation.
Notes: This is the second in a semi-western adventure series for girls about a fifteen year old girl and her friend as they travel around with her dad and start to enter the horses, rodeo and western scene. In this book, Crystal takes a few steps towards growing up and developing her own personality. She also has the opportunity to witness a little bit towards another girl.
Recommendation Scale: 3/5
Reviewer: J:-)mi

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