Tiger Heat

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

“If Joey’s watch was a little slow, they probably fired as soon as they knew it was time to start the war. You know, right on the hour. Like they did know exactly where he was. Like they were waiting to gun him down as soon as they could.” It hit me. If that was true, there was only one way they could have known where he would be. “You don’t think…” “Yes, I do.” He smiled grimly. “Which is why we are leaving this hospital right now.”

Book: Tiger Heat by Sigmund Brouwer, Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1998
Tiger Heat (Sigmund Brouwer's Sports Mystery Series: Baseball) 
Genre: Sports Fiction
Target Audience: Boys 11-14
Subjects: Loss, Criminal Activity, Baseball, Paintball, Friendship
Summary: Sewer rats aren’t rodents, they’re kids playing paintballs in the sewers of the city. Jim was supposed to join their baseball team to be a good influence on them and keep them out of the streets, but instead he’s joining them. Who cares about baseball and a Bible thumping coach? Their real skill lies beneath the city. When danger strikes though, Jim and the other sewer rats have a few things to reconsider.
Notes: This book had an interesting set up. A Church was sponsoring a baseball team for kids that had gotten in trouble with the law and some parents sent their son to join the group hoping he would have a good influence on these troubled kids. But the kid doesn’t know for sure if he believes everything about Christ for himself. So he does his best to fit in with them instead. He finds courage and comfort in a fantasy world, imagining himself as a brave comic book hero instead of an ordinary kid who is afraid. When the danger comes, he realizes his fantasy world is no help to him and reconsiders his parents’ faith, finding that does bring the courage he needs to survive the danger. There is also one character in the story who tells the boys some of the Gospel message at one point.
Recommendation Scale: 4/5
Reviewer: J:-)mi

Psalm 56:3 – When I am afraid I will trust in You.


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